The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) was established by the Government of Canada in 2022 to support small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Its primary objectives are to enhance digital strategies and promote the adoption of technology for more efficient and technologically savvy business practices.
Claim a $2400 CDAP grant for a new opportunity to grow your businesses online.
Are you eligible for a CDAP grant?
Are you eligible for a CDAP grant?
What is a CDAP grant?
What is a CDAP grant?
Have 1+ employees (non-owner) OR $30k in annual revenue last tax year
Be consumer facing
Be a registered or incorporated business
Be a "for-profit" business
Primarily operate in British Columbia
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Lack of expertise leads to errors and potential re-submissions. Approval may take up to 3 weeks without expert guidance.
Application Hurdles
Business owners must navigate multiple advisor sessions, taking 7-14 days.
Time Consuming Consultations
Crafting a digital strategy independently can be daunting and time-consuming.
Complex Strategy
Spending plans without expert support can take 3-4 weeks for approval.
Extended Approval
Without guidance, understanding reimbursement procedures can be confusing, further delaying access to funds.
Confusing Reimbursement
Business owners without agency support face a prolonged process of 63 days minimum from start to finish.
Total Timeline
Expect a comprehensive process completed in just 26 days.
Total Timeline
Streamlined process reduces application time by nearly 1.5x compared to DIY.
Our expert consultants will guide you through crafting and completing your application, saving you time and effort.
Application Support
Meet your grant advisor for one comprehensive session post-approval, ensuring clarity and efficiency.
Expert Guidance
Spending plans with our experts get approved on the first submission within 5 days.
Quick Approval
Once approved, submit your receipts and receive reimbursement within 2 weeks.
Fast Reimbursement
Not Working with Growth Tap
Navigating the CDAP application alone can be daunting and time-consuming for
business owners.
Working with Growth Tap
Experience a streamlined CDAP application process with Growth Tap Digital.
1. Get In Touch
2. Application Support
3. Expert Consultation
4. Create Digital Strategy and Spending Plan
5. Receive Reimbursement
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Ways the CDAP grant can boost your business with super growth.
A New Revenue Stream.
Empower your business’s growth by accessing funds for an SEO optimized website and digital marketing strategies.
Enhance Your Online Business Presence.
Establish a competitive advantage for your business in the digital era by investing in social media advertising to increase website traffic and drive conversions.
Services That We Offer
We don't want to overwhelm you with abundant paperwork. We value your time and business, let’s talk strategies.
Result Focused
When working with us you're guaranteed to be in good hands, with our record of 100% grant approval rate.
100% Approval Rate
Our team will guide you through the process, every step of the way.
We would be lucky to have you!
Support at Every Stage.
Empowering small businesses and seeing them grow is our passion.
1.5x quicker when working with a marketing agency compared to handling it solo.
Easy Process, Faster Results
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SEO Services
E-Commerce Store
Digital Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Content & E-Commerce Marketing
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From Wassem @ Digital Vampire
Growth Tap Digital really came through for me when I needed help with my CDAP grant application. They were super helpful and made the whole process stress free. Thanks to them, I got everything sorted out without any hassle. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to apply for the CDAP grant!
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